A couple of hackers trying to break 80

Ready Golf is a weekly podcast hosted by avid golf fans Eric Acosta and Brent Jones, who met while working together in Toronto’s advertising industry. Bonded by their love of the sport, the two decided to get behind a mic and share their thoughts with the world.

Ready Golf is recorded in a basement in Whitby, Ontario and is targeted directly at the average, double-digit handicapper whose busy life probably keeps them daydreaming about the course more than they actually end up playing on it.

Though the show will cover the big tours and golf news, it will also feature topics and segments that the regular player can relate to, such as game improvement, course reviews and the latest gear. The guys also speak to a variety of guests including up-and-coming amateurs, industry experts, and many others who bring their own unique perspective to the world of golf.

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Gold jacket, green jacket, who gives a shit?
— Happy Gilmore